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Welcome to the website of the lighting plant "Milad E Noor"


Milad E Noor lighting Industries

Milad E Noor Lighting Industries holder of two patents and four international certificates is founded in 1982. From the early days of starting, the company’s effort was to offer to the market the delicate and beautiful lighting products with excellent light output. With this in mind, Milad E Noor lighting Industries developed rapidly and made itself  known as a pioneer in modern fluorescence lighting industry .Keeping up with the  policy of producing low- consuming and economical lighting systems ,this company has achieved stunning success and tries to develop its production line and employ innovation, creativity and technology of the day in specialized and integrated sections of  research and production technology development, engineering, quality control and management .Today, enjoying the technical knowledge , proficiency, specialized personnel as well as modern machineries equipped with computer systems and mechanized production and distribution stages, Milad E Noor has been able to attain a good reputation as an advanced industrial unit ,pioneer in the field of industrial lighting. Beside planning and scientific prediction, this great achievement is only 1 percent of the total expected achievements and the rest 99% is the blessing of God.





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